Football, Faith, and the First Amendment

Thursday, January 31st

&nbsp;A dispute over the firing of a high school football coach who refused to stop praying on the field after games reached the Supreme Court this term; last week, the justices said they would not hear the case until its facts were better established by lower courts. Justice Alito concurred but, joined by three other conservative justices, indicated that he might be sympathetic to Kennedy’s claim that his actions were protected by the First Amendment, should his case eventually return to the Court. Justice Alito also suggested that he and some of his colleagues may be willing to overturn <em>Employment Division v. Smith</em> in order to bolster free exercise and religious exemption claims under the First Amendment. Religion law experts Stephanie Barclay of BYU Law School and Richard Katskee of Americans United for Separation of Church and State discuss Coach Kennedy’s case, whether <em>Smith</em> should be overturned, and how such changes might affect people like public school teachers and coaches. Jeffrey Rosen hosts.&nbsp;<br><br>Questions or comments about the podcast? Email us at<br><br>Learn more about your ad choices. Visit <a href=""">"></a>