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Friday, September 1st

Cheryl Fortune talks her new single, "Fighters" and shares her story.


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We talk it would gospel singer Sheryl fortune. About her new single fighters ended with talk in about domestic violence ice share all how are you. I. Well let's get the tuxedo and no bits. You're story. Can help so many people but first I'd like clo do a little bit about your new single fighters. Yeah. Me. So tell me how yak in the commute is a little bit of a delay but I can hear you. So tell me about not did you right the single yourself well and and and produce it in everything. I do it right this single myself. I had attack coming into production part of it of course putting the music together for me. But I did write this entire. A warning can create basically an all of them. I know that I would want to contained in coming out of the situation. And. Try to overcome and I definitely want to create something that we're going to do you know Brittany people hard. And especially out to women because I can only people who woman respected him on the twentieth going to domestic violence. Com. And overcoming bad and I wanted to create something to win that. Created this song I had in my impetus to track everybody because not everybody and don't let acting in Peru but I still wanted to create something that was attached. Someone else it's hard at work that you know where we all go through life experience is indelible ink and gained. And someone to create something that would actually I got in the levels of some audio quality and got absolutely. I can't the current debt came from my younger got her as. Well. Yeah it's a thirteen year old. I had been trying to is you know create different being an actual company little she made a Mother's Day carport me and on the car. Card is mom your fighter you've. Yeah I. I'm you never give up and you always fight for what's right. In our debt relief that was needed it you know what you're aware. Recognizing that was really crucial ruling and tried to create a better environment for a healthier in the army resting. And increasing for you know to come out of there are stronger and better to be blessed and somebody. Now I know that you as you just said that you know your experiences. With domestic violence. One of what do you think was the determining factor. In you just waking up 1 morning and say OK that's it. I'm not going to the city or I know there's better for me yeah. Yeah it actually happened a couple of days what Ford is last in it will happen. Now I don't know what it's almost fourteen years hello. And it will not let go onetime into the addition cabin and that would bit. On it's actually been going on for some years and two days before this happened without actually. I'm packing that to head back home in South Africa and. I had a breaking moment our home. You know and I just feel my face for the gravest of fact I kissed little predicting more in in this is life forget I need to rescue me. If you do not create some type a wave of hate from me I'm going to back. He an act didn't either gonna be at hand could give me an armed and take my home life. And I was just literally. Exhausting journey that has nothing less than an hour I was out of high here. Ian down that would like my breaking point not knowing. When I got back home that this is going to. I'm a current keen that this was the final time and that shift. Hopefully Lee. Heard him say. Is yeah. You know people it and I got to the hospital. And because I god. Harmful for. Thinking okay think they gonna check engine being there to change that got the hospital. And the doctor they actually didn't get night with the old Doctor Who treated me about a year and a half of two leaders prior to that including. Could Alexander so much stress that the more mean I got down to Japan. You can relate that condition. Ian she whispered in my ear that night. When I got from the hospital. He can happen now. And I knew that that would be the lack of our baby and it is OR. That is this your way at six gay. And and I broke in her they've increased the you know different it in Eilat. You know with able to get them to go get my kids out of the house armed with a lot yeah Howell Ian. But this cannot just deal with the police got that they went and got it out of the house to bring them take it to me in my daughter got for the hospital and there. We don't go back. He keeps breaking his promises. And you know in here are Keener that would not breaking point yet in the not really addicting it a couple of days for this class and. You said thank you got extra yeah he's aimed at them this is had been going on for fourteen years. Yeah. Now. Hot why is that having just a simple just a simple question but is is a simple question but is not so simple. Why did use day that long. I don't know people have different. Different reasons for spam though which are reasons. My reformed. One was turned Ali because it's in excellent Italian born we don't want bad. I mean that my ex husband has suffered from abandoning in certain areas in and ample warning could be that warming. Who would have been good at being. In his life and sell our conduct such planned to expect a lot of things aren't you trying to stay in China okay will. Campbell and we did cal and a quick sample ballot rejected throughout my throughout our marriage in legal right when this happened. It will feel no. I'm gonna go to counseling it would not until later bit with little day. Add both made their they had virtual expert to tell. But it was because I actually didn't wanna be another woman at a being intent. On because that needed that something that he suffered through his childhood. And so I was trying to get out you know really tried so hard to speak out Ian down. To actually make it work place you know. Without you know without getting killed while we're actually not your own home. Because Alec so they. Mean and trying to hold that. In only in trying to keep a lot of secrets and trying to say aides are. You know but it would really not helping you with more hindering helped. And I am sure the affected him on your children was it even more far reaching. It absolutely possibly possibly. To the effects that you have not seen it. Because of you know be out in this situation. So. Absolutely and kids are in I immediately get counseling you know Chordiant. And even though they still go and that was kind of car for the end on especially like you know my my girl's kind of carpet and open up if someone that would DeLeon don't. You know I'm wiping that. Kind of pray for the psyche the war we've kind of throughout the collapse and people that can hold extra. You know we need to come accountability partners we need some people getting a Lily Lily. Weak moment or where I'd be even know how true. Communicate that he looked around you would think that would help me you know in the area because that would something that we really had to come out. Was will you then how. Kept quiet or you're being quiet for so long it. It's hard Alcatel. And it's hard to express and tell I'm thankful. That I got to a place where racket literally tore my heart out aka literally tore my pain out. Active share my pain healing for not paying me and inform my children as well. And that they can now you know they opened at me and they can they Mara can have a heart heart that can come annually to clear crashing. You know and you know got to cut open it up act can be. Basically wore a uniform my children killing that they are taking share with big this year into the ground as well as people can't. It was definitely a journey and put them on Beale. You don't feel counseling skills surrounding the people in guilt surrounding him you know would love in theory it can trick you they need because I reckon that they even being at any specific skills so crucial. For adulthood. You know in making sure that the white balloons and let backing important condemned him. I mean absolutely and and and being more important is that so they don't grow up thinking that you know this is that normal behavior. 22 goals through domestic violence. Absolutely absolutely. So what are you saying that. Idea I'd imagine yeah now you use you know you use say that you know facing guy was strong and he was able in all the chaos. To hear the voice of you know that is very difficult to do especially when you are surrounded by chaos when you're going through difficult situations well so what would you say to those women who were going through this situation who may not have that close relationship with god. That you haven't and and may not be able to hear him speak to them you know in the situation. Yes and outlook until we know that not all of the moment we're actually here. It will be aware for a moment I couldn't in our screen and that would cry. That would give him clapping in outs would not know what do you look at ilk. What I always. And not you know not making Ali the majority of the current it would just be someone who would leaned unleashing yet xmas. Just good to yield like a say hey I'm really welcome back to our random crop is. In wanted to share something I would even get moment like they. An end. That was what kind of sustained me get worn out moment I'll always hold strong publishing kicking myself. It thing and I'll write it together because. That's not reality. You know it'll work. You know indulge moment yeah it would always somebody could be my way or much idle lock in the world and it didn't give it can get hurt. Yes and now we're going to be all right. In what at all other women chew up aren't showing they have before. Because completely may not have the strength to that moment a book about the other left hand that you had in the war in how well. And look how he came out of the income completely remove the doubt has been done before. We made it through situations before in May have been as bad as it's contained to count and it's something that you all the couples or. To encourage you to help in debt lonely even if nobody else can actually even if nobody else reach out. Strategy roster permit our pick up your you know pick up your Barney Google. You know I need I'm in pain right now we're different in that can help me in a moment now something that I'd be. I am feeling I'm Bayer like the pain is unbearable I am I've got on a web site into art. Thirteen or not buy them encouragement or attempted to try and pick up. My beer or play a song that you think is gonna preaching and a white model that gonna pitch with a better Lou there's gonna kind of helped you. You know pick up because there may not always be a morning around. But there are little things that you can you do trot from the NL Assurant fumbled four. I mean you're story is is amazing and and and it's a great thing that now Europe your story is going to help Seoul may be other people that are going through what you infrared. You know yeah. Illegal ever and sometimes look at it outweighed the world. When asked how that was still way out so yes it's scary for me in my actual churn. It could see the impact edits his head on so many other people remain. You know I'm getting beaten and thrown you know people that. In mini streak or people that are in prominent position to a Miree Q are there. Count how many people that are going to the rankings and nobody know. You know so you know my. Anything I'm just praying debt people can know that you're going to be okay. Because we weren't in the situation that we're public figures. If Gary Hart and sometimes it's embarrassing. You know they couldn't really don't want people can know what we're really deal with because her. And they put us on the cattle sold. And I think it would yarn that. You know where sometimes not human and LL culture things but we didn't struggle we struggle and a lot of whom we're struggled silently. Because it was great to tell anybody about what we're going to respect not afraid that you won't be ashamed that you walk in the Bay Area. Big you'll come out of it and in most importantly. They add. Now your gonna be okay because from currently can step and we think this is going to be come visit our normal. Given what we know now we learn how to operate in dysfunction. It's not the right way. Absolutely. And and major police say in prayer and communication would go to. You know yes it is I'm telling you Ekene and you would be all knee pain. You know I'm not a whole. You noticed. Is it that perhaps the best verdict in the war on actors probably it you know. Speaker in all of apple have all of that into words. Kids he had to Google would it on my heart whatever is in my heart whatever I am you know I need to kill him Ian. In heat listen in his ear and clunky rankings. Every single track. Let's share all I'm saying god did you meted out okay and and and app for your strand that you can use your story. Two help so many people that are going to the same thing and that all are freed and they don't know what to do they don't know who called you don't know where to go. Thank EM. And in the end I always say yes they are in the domestic violence how aren't. Get people can definitely call on a more they'll always make myself very much available were eating plan. Cool is going through this show you can reach out Q. Not social media pages you know. I had changed my number. Through our can be or whether it's on FaceBook on it to clam. You know they can on Twitter whatever is I am always available not only is always on. I mean I do not mind getting up and praying that people kind of guiding them are helping them to wherever they need to to give him. Right and give all you social media. Your to a very quickly. Yes and they look at Cheryl fortune or shareholder comments fortune. Or you can pat me on Twitter all your degree. I clean room simply Cheryl. In the alt film on our web site is Debbie Debbie Debbie I am simply Cheryl. Dot com. Share a fortune thank you so much for talking to Leslie angle is all fighters. And is it's a powerful song and hopefully it will reach in reach the masses. Especially those who are going through what you've been through. Thank you so mad I appreciate this Italian you think you'd take care. You typically act that. Dot.